STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 31 December 2023
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2023 - Year in Review Part Two *

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Erik Wollo		Le Paysage			The Shape of Time (projekt)
loscil/Lawrence English	Violet				Colours of Air (kranky)
Steve Roach		Integration Being		Sanctuary of Desire (projekt)
Basil Azuria		Lily's Reverie			A Search for Leaving, the Enamoring Sun (self-released)
Andre 3000		BuyPoloDisorders Daughter...	New Blue Sun (epic)
Field Lines Cartographer - Fenrir In Retrograde		Phases of This and Other Moons (castles in space)
Blakmoth		Ombre Imposante			Bourdon: Tome Trois (self-released)

Martin Sturtzer		Harmonic Motion			Circular Oscillations (self-released)
Paul Ellis		To Color the Mind		Color the Mind (groove unlimited)
Spoils			Intro				Nothing for a Man (happy families)
Joshua Hill/Micaela Tobin - An Opening			Tent Music (whited sepulchre records)
ladyybirdd		Dream Within a Dream		Tomorrow's Yesterday (self-released)
Ki Oni			An Infinite Dive		Leisurely Swim to Everlasting Life (apk recordings)
Phillip Wilkerson	Cinnamon			Gemstones IV (cyclical dreams)

Neil Cippon		YZF-2				Foundation (self-released)
Palancar 		excerpt				Grand Tour of the Pleiades (self-released)
subtractiveLAD		excerpt				The Second Foundation (self-released)
KiloWatts		excerpt/edit			Live on Star's End 01.29.2023 (self-released)

Craig Padilla		Currents			Holiday House Performance 2022 (self-released)
One Arc Degree		The Final Parsec		The Forest and the Milky Way (synphaera)
Alpha Wave Movement	Ethos				Phase Intervals (harmonic resonance)
Parallax-5		AR-558				Sonic Awakening (synphaera)
Christian Wittman	Dead-End Labyrinth		Dreams and Drones (self-released)
The Soviet Space Dog Project - Reductionism		Into the Atom (self-released)
Wil Bolton		Swept				Swept (audiobulb)

Kontroll-Raum		Sparkling			Gate 23 (manikin)
Bahia Mansa		Paisaje del Alma		Mallki (cyclical dreams)
TALsounds 		Slides				Shift (nna tapes)
Henrik Meierkord	Undermedvetna Resor		Fornimmelser (audiobulb)
K Nogami/Circa Alto	Natsang				Oyasumi (facture)
Bart Hawkins		Concert Recording		Cyclical Fest 2023 (cyclical dreams)


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