Sleep Concert Graphic

Robert Rich Sleep Concert
13 October 1996 Live on STAR'S END
WXPN - Philadelphia

Robert Rich "In the early '80's I used to perform all-night concerts for sleeping audiences, lasting from about 11:00PM to 8:00 AM. I encouraged people to bring sleeping bag and pillow, and fall asleep. The music was extremely quiet and slow-moving, more like a pure atmosphere than what people generally think of as music. It was a mixture of live electronics and taped organic sounds. Part of the purpose of the sleep concerts was to transform an environment and create a break from everyday experience. By carefully controlling the acoustics of the performance space, I could achieve some very unusual perceptual effects".
"The first hour or two will be slightly more active than the rest, but soon the music will drop away into slow foggy textures and strange ambient sounds. At low volumes, these textures can blend into your acoustic environment, creating a sort of sonic dislocation, a re-focusing of your perceptions. You can use the sound texture as a way to focus your attention onto images that arise out of your half-sleeping mind. In the transitions between sleep and wake, hypnogogic images may become intensified and more vivid. You may also become more aware of dreams, and you can observe the different layers of perception as you teeter on the edge of consciousness".Robert Rich

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