Profile: Jim Cole + Spectral Voices
CoalescenceSky Based in Connecticut, Spectral Voices produce meditative, ethereal sounds using the technique of "overtone singing". Influences include traditional Tuvan and Tibetan singing styles as well as the work of David Hykes and The Harmonic Choir. Recorded using the natural reverberant space of a 120 foot tall empty water tank, their debut Coalescence and follow-up CD Sky are out on Spectral Spiral Music.
Spectral Voices opened for Vidna Obmana at the 7 November 1998 Gathering in Philadelphia. Using the natural ambience of St. Mary's Church and digital processing, Spectral Voices presented powerful music and held the audience spellbound. One present likened the experience to communing with spirits. Returning to the Gathering as a duo on 15 September 2001, Jim Cole and Alan Dow performed vocal overlays before an intimate and introspective audience. Also appearing was Tom Heasley. The Gatherings website offers reviews and images of the concerts: Spectral Voices at the Gathering
Jim Cole + Vidna Obmana Since the debut Gathering performance, Jim Cole has become a much sought after collaborator and has contributed overtone singing on album projects by Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana. Cole was also invited to join Vidna Obmana on stage at his 6 November 2000 concert in West Hartford, CT. At left we see the duo rehearsing (Jim Cole with his Steel Cello and Vidna Obmana on Fujara) for what turned out to be a stunning collaboration.

Along with his part time side project, Leland Burr, Cole also has become involved in a collaborative effort with Alpha Wave Movement. The duo has released the stylistically unique and complexly diverse Bislama on the Spectral Spiral label.

Jim ColeInterviewed on 4 October 1998 by STAR'S END host Chuck van Zyl, Jim Cole spoke of his work with Spectral Voices, their debut album Coalescence and the 7 November 1998 Gathering concert in Philadelphia, which was their first live performance ever before a conventional concert audience. Listen to the 8 minute interview by clicking the link below:

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