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Steve Roach

Performs Live at

The Gathering

Friday, November 5th, 1999


St. Mary's Church Sanctuary
3916 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA

Black Tape For A Blue Girl


Kevin Bartlett

Performing Live at

The Gathering

Saturday, November 6th, 1999


St. Mary's Church Sanctuary
3916 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA

telephone: (610) 734-1009


Internationally acclaimed electronic musician Steve Roach and the ethereally elegant Black Tape For A Blue Girl will perform in Philadelphia at the first ever "Gathering Concert Weekend" of November 5th and 6th, 1999.

8pm on Friday, November 5th, 1999:
Steve Roach

A pioneer in contemporary electronic music, Steve Roach is a leading innovator in the atmospheric/tribal/ambient music world. Over the past 15 years, Roach has been a rare constant as live performer on the international electronic music scene. With over 40 albums to his credit he continues to set the standards by which this evolving genre is measured.

Steve Roach is no stranger to Philadelphia, having performed here for the Gathering Concert Series in '96 and '97 as well as at the Transonic Festival in '86. His Gathering performance this year will feature music from his latest CD, Light Fantastic (Fathom), a seductive blend of constantly-shifting grooves and gentle atmospheres. In addition, Roach will present a large collection of new soundworlds created just for this event.

Steve Roach understands the importance of connecting with his audience during as well as after a concert. In this spirit you are invited to meet with Steve Roach at a discussion group where he will speak about his music and performance of November 5th. A question and answer period will follow. The workshop will begin before the Gathering of Saturday, November 6th, 1999 at 6:00pm in St. Mary's Church in Philadelphia. Admission is free.

To learn more about Steve Roach, please access his homepage in the "Artists" area of this site.

8pm on Saturday, November 6th, 1999:
Black Tape For A Blue Girl
with Kevin Bartlett

Black Tape For A Blue Girl has incorporated a variety of musicians and vocalists over the band's seven albums. Stylistically associated with acts such as Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil, Black Tape For A Blue Girl uses lush instrumentation to create music for an audience dreaming while wide awake. Synthesizers, live symphonic strings and flute meld with dreamy vocals into a moody soundscape. Founder Sam Rosenthal's synthesizers and voice will be surrounded by the sounds of flute, viola and violin. For this concert, Black Tape For A Blue Girl will focus on the ambient, introspective side of their sound. World Music violinist Vicki Richards will make a rare live appearance at the Gathering.

To learn more about Black Tape For A Blue Girl, please access their homepage in the "Artists" area of this site.

Opening for Black Tape For A Blue Girl will be Kevin Bartlett. Performing on synthesizers, guitar and a multitude of effect devices, Bartlett's techno dream excursions evoke a personal visual experience for the listener. This concert will be Kevin's second time out at the Gathering Concert Series.

For more about Kevin Bartlett, please access his homepage in the "Artists" area of this site.

The Gathering Weekend features Steve Roach on Friday, November 5th, 1999 and Black Tape For A Blue Girl with Kevin Bartlett on Saturday, November 6th, 1999. Each performance begins at 8pm in St. Mary's Church sanctuary, 3916 Locust Walk on the campus of The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. Admission for each night (at the door) is $20, $10 with student ID. A special two-night admission is $30. Doors open at 7:30pm. For Information call (610) 734-1009.

Following The Gathering: Steve Roach will perform live on the Star's End radio broadcast of 11.07.99. The program will also feature Roach's recorded music; released and soon-to-be released.

Concert Preview: In the weeks prior to the concert, the Star's End radio program will regularly feature the music of Steve Roach, Black Tape For A Blue Girl and Kevin Bartlett. Check the Weekly Update page of the Star's End website for more details.

Where to find Star's End
Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings
1:00am to 6:00am on:
88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia, PA
88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg, PA
90.5fm WKHS Worton/Baltimore, MD
104.9fm Allentown, PA

For directions to St. Mary's Church and The Gathering: Click Here.

For a downloadable Press Release about the Roach/Black Tape/Bartlett Gathering: Click Here and use your web browser's "Print" button to make a hard-copy.

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