Desert Planet Discs from STAR'S END Listeners: 2009
Spaceship Imagine you are traveling at light speed in your spaceship somewhere out at the furthest reaches of the aural universe. Suddenly there is a malfunction and you must ditch it on a nearby deserted desert planet! Oh No! With little hope of rescue you are on your own for the foreseeable future. So what music would you want to have with you while you are waiting to be found?

STAR'S END checked in with Dennis Haley of Dover, Delaware about his "top ten" list in Decemver 2009. Dennis' background includes his solo live performance at First Night Out on 1 February 1997, but he may be better known as the renowned keyboard tech for ROSfest, NEARFest and The Gatherings Concert Series. His interest in innovative music can be traced back to his formative years in Delaware County, Pennsylvania - where as a teenager and on into his young adulthood throughout the 1980s he absorbed the astounding array of music presented on WXPN programs such as "Diaspar" and "Star's End".

What with Dennis being such an avid STAR'S END listener and an attendee and supporter of The Gatherings Concert Series as well, one imagines that he would come up with an interesting library of music while a cosmic castaway on Planet X. So, exactly what will Dennis be listening to until the Space Rangers pop by to the rescue? Read on!

Dennis Haley

Top Ten Desert Planet Discs - Dennis Haley

  1. Rubycon by Tangerine Dream
  2. Moondawn by Klaus Schulze
  3. Planetary Unfolding by Michael Stearns
  4. Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre
  5. Traveling Backwards by The Nightcrawlers
  6. Blade Runner by Vangelis
  7. Celestial Mechanics by Chuck van Zyl
  8. Frozen North by Radio Massacre International
  9. Well of Souls by Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana
  10. A Troubled Resting Place by Robert Rich

    Traveling Backwards Rubycon Planetary Unfolding Frozen North

    Warren Seddon of Audubon, New Jersey submitted his list in November of 2009. Warren's background includes having performed on synthesizer with the groups Snib, Autobahn and Ace Paradise, but he may be more well-known as spokesman for the Rat Island Raiders, a loose group of self-proclaimed pirates who frequent a small unnamed (and nearly uncharted) island on the Delaware River for toxic mid-life recreational activities. Their bi-annual weekend retreats out to "Rat Island" always culminate in listening to the live broadcast of STAR'S END Ambient Radio - amidst fog horns sounding, oil tankers passing and commercial jets landing at nearby Philadelphia International - all in the dark of night. A photo essay of one such trip may be accessed Here and Warren Seddon's Homepage Here

    What with Warren being such an avid STAR'S END listener and an attendee and supporter of The Gatherings Concert Series as well, one imagines that he would come up with an interesting library of music while a cosmic castaway on Planet X. It's probably nicer there than out on the island - where he has been subjected to all kinds of poor weather and even worse human behavior! So, exactly what will Warren be listening to until the Space Rangers pop by to the rescue? Read on!

Warren Seddon

Top Ten Desert Planet Discs - Warren Seddon

  1. Force Majeure by Tangerine Dream:
    This is a listening staple out on the island. "Thru Metamorphic Rocks" has always been a favorite since it has great sequencing, as well as the great balance of the Tangerine Dream ensemble.
  2. Concerts in the USA by Rudy Adrian:
    Of particular interest is the track, "Island of the Pirates". I have been stranded on an island during an intense cosmic meteor shower, and we listened to Rudy's music and interview on STAR'S END. He even spoke to the brethren of pirates via the radio broadcast. Later, on his concert tour, he visited the island. Okay, so I am sentimental - okay, just mental.
  3. The Demon Haunted World by Under the Dome:
    Space travel requires mathematics as well as imagination. This CD combines both in a precise structure. A tremendous blend of rhythm and flow.
  4. Empetus by Steve Roach:
    Did I mention I like sequences? It's like locking your door and checking it two or three or four times - no that would be compulsive behavior... Anyway, this CD is a great collection of sequencer oriented compositions.
  5. Meditationen by Spyra:
    in particular the song "Future of the Past part 2". The guy's first name is Wolfgang. [Close, Spyra's first name is not "Wolfgang", it is Wolfram -ed]
  6. To the Shores of Heaven by Jeff Pearce:
    Calming and as peaceful as it gets. Don't forget to breathe. Plus Pearce plays guitar with a fork, in his stocking feet. Really he does! God knows why.
  7. Everlasting Moment by The Ministry of Inside Things
    If I was stranded on an alien planet, somehow I'm sure the two guys in MoIT would show up - somehow, and one would not enjoy the cold climate and the other would remind me that he is a vegetarian, and my luck would be that I would be on a planet inhabited by intelligent plantlife.
  8. Stuntman by Edgar Froese:
    I would take comfort in the energy this CD creates.
  9. Archiac Modulation by Steve B-Zet:
    This CD just sounds like space, maybe a bad choice, if I were truely stranded out there would I need to be reminded of space? Probably not, but I like the CD.
  10. Solar Maxima by Orbital Decay:
    Another great CD and I could imagine all the extra gear involved, can I bring the CD and it's composer's gear? These guys would have tons of junk to help you survive, and maybe, just maybe even a tarp. Don't leave home without a tarp.

Solar Maxima Concerts In The USA To The Shores of Heaven Meditationen

John Garaguso John Garaguso

In October 2009 STAR'S END asked for a top ten list from avid listener and supporter John Garaguso of Sicklerville, New Jersey. Former Internet Spacemusic radio show host, current Prog-Rock enthusiast and avid attendee and advocate for The Gatherings Concert Series, one imagines that John would come up with an interesting range of music for his marooning on Planet X. So let us see exactly what John will be listening to until his rescuers rocket out to pick him up!

John's Desert Planet Discs list covers an interesting range of styles and musical eras. Included are classic Spacemusic releases from the 1970s right alongside releases by artists spawned by this early movement, plus an album each of New Age Ambiance and Ambient Chamber music:

Top Ten Desert Planet Discs - John Garaguso

  1. Structures from Silence by Steve Roach
  2. Rubycon by Tangerine Dream
  3. X by Klaus Schulze
  4. Etherea by Jeff Koepper
  5. Inventions for Electric Guitar by Ashra
  6. Solid States by Radio Massacre International
  7. Departure From the Northern Wasteland Michael Hoenig
  8. Numena by Robert Rich
  9. Beguiled by Tim Story
  10. Soundfall To The Infinite by Zero Ohms & Brannan Lane
plus: a recording of The Ministry of Inside Things - Live on STAR'S END 01.26.03 (unreleased)

Solid States Etherea Structures From Silence Inventions For Electric Guitar

Chuck Nixon Chuck Nixon

In September 2009 STAR'S END asked avid listener and supporter Chuck Nixon of Fort Washington, Pennsylvania what his ten discs would be. Having previously produced several "Guest DJ" slots for STAR'S END as well as writing album reviews (in the Essays section) and overseeing the STAR'S END MySpace page, one imagines that Chuck would come up with an interesting stash of music for his crash landing and downtime on Planet X. So let us see what Chuck will be listening to until Space Patrol comes by to pick him up!

What CDs to have handy if I'm marooned on a alien desert planet? Choosing just ten was an interesting process. Since I was stranded on a remote planet waiting for a rescue, I decided that what I would need most would be CDs that I would completely lose myself in; with no concept of how much time had passed while listening. This is not a genre Top 10 list, per se; however, for me none of these titles ever seem to get old and they should provide ample opportunity to take my mind off my predicament.

Top Ten Desert Planet Discs - Chuck Nixon

  1. Ricochet by Tangerine Dream:
    The album which allowed me to "get" the genre. "Part 2" has that wonderful quiet piano and mellotron opening and those galloping sequences
  2. Desert Solitaire by Steve Roach/Michael Stearns/Kevin Braheny:
    I'm on a desert planet, what better match than a CD about the desert?
  3. The Relic by Chuck van Zyl:
    While I'm stranded on alien terra firma I could dream about traveling through outer space. I could listen to "Regio Galileo" over and over
  4. Stars of the Lid and Their Refinement of the Decline by Stars of the Lid:
    It might seem a little odd to put a double-album filled with melancholy on a list for being stranded on an alien planet but it really helps me get through rough patches
  5. Stalker by Robert Rich/B. Lustmord:
    A murky mysterious alien landscape on CD, perfect for exploring the alien world I'm stuck on
  6. IBM 1401: A User's Manual by Johann Johannsson:
    A remembrance of the technology of my home planet. Something to hold onto during the wee small hours
  7. Organ Harvest by Radio Massacre International:
    A very Earthy proceeding
  8. Substrata by Biosphere:
    A guidebook, if you will, for existence in a desolate place
  9. Outfolding by Saul Stokes:
    If I were to run into sentient life on this planet I'm marooned on, this might be the music they would make
  10. The Drift Inside by Vir Unis:
    An inward journey to drift off to sleep to

Outfolding IBM 1401: A Users Manual And Their Refinement of the Decline The Drift Inside

Kathy Jeffries

In July 2009 STAR'S END asked avid listener and supporter Kathy Jeffries of Baltimore, Maryland what she would bring along on her doomed mission. Kathy came up with a very interesting Top Ten. Admiting to having a difficult time narrowing it down to just ten discs Kathy does include a few double CD sets in her list (no doubt this excess weight in her luggage led to the crash!) So let us see what Kathy will be listening to until Space Patrol comes by to pick her up!

Kathy Jeffries Top Ten Desert Planet Discs - Kathy Jeffries

Landmass by Steve Roach
Bestiary by Robert Rich
My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by Brian Eno & David Byrne
Rain Falls in Grey by Radio Massacre International
Continuum by Ian Boddy
Toward the Within by Dead Can Dance
Lux Vivens by Jocelyn Montgomery
Ambient Elsewhere by Ministry of Inside Things
Chronos by Michael Stearns
Imprint by Mahoney & Peck

Kathy Jeffries adds: And if I could hide one more in my spacesuit's back pocket it would be Synergy (the live performance at NEARfest '08).

And if I could hide another in my other pocket is would be my husband Mike's ingenious soundscapes on his Synthi AKS!

Landmass Bestiary Continuum Ambient Elsewhere

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