Guest DJs
Occasionally, STAR'S END presents guest DJs from the local club scene.

Being a guest on STAR'S END is a great opportunity for each DJ to explore their Ambient Music library. It's also great for the STAR'S END audience who get to hear what other DJs from around the region are doing with the music.

Here's the guest list so far:

  • 04.24.94 Bill Eggleton (Doylestown, PA)
  • 09.07.94 Jamie Mandler (Rydal, PA)
  • 04.16.95 Claude Willey aka "Exterior Mirror" (Newark, DE)
  • 08.06.95 John Hicks aka "Voyager" (Long Island, NY)
  • 04.14.96 Drew Benkert (Lambertville, NJ)
  • 05.05.96 LG aka "LoveGrove" (Baltimore, MD)
  • 08.04.96 Claude Willey aka "Exterior Mirror" (Newark, DE)
  • 11.17.96 James Cook (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 03.09.97 Nigel Richards (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 08.24.97 James Cook (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 09.27.98 Carlos Dengler (New York, NY)
  • 09.12.99 James Cook (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 08.01.04 Donato (Philadelphia, PA)
  • 12.19.04 Scott Kelly (WKDU Philadelphia, PA)
  • 06.12.05 Scott Kelly (WKDU Philadelphia, PA)
  • 09.18.05 Scott Kelly (WKDU Philadelphia, PA)
  • 01.22.06 Chuck Nixon (Fort Washington, PA)
  • 03.26.06 Scott Kelly (Baltimore, MD)
  • 08.20.06 Chuck Nixon (Fort Washington, PA)
  • 03.04.07 Scott Kelly (Baltimore, MD)
  • 05.06.07 Chuck Nixon (Fort Washington, PA)
  • 08.05.07 Scott Kelly (Baltimore, MD)

Wish List:

  • Alan "Fluid" Parry (Baltimore, MD)
  • Little Jen (Atlanta, GA)
  • Mixmaster Morris (UK)
  • Josh Wink (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Satamile (New York, NY)
  • Crasta (Philadelphia, PA)

If you know of a talented Ambient DJ interested in joining STAR'S END for an hour or two some Saturday night/Sunday morning, please contact Chuck van Zyl.

Jeff Towne 01.28.01

Authorized STAR'S END substitute: Jeff Towne