Profile: James Johnson
James Johnson In his music, James Johnson attempts to reflect the essence and energy projected by natural environments. Expertly rendered, his music is transportive and engaging. "Multiple lush layers entwine and softly swirl in big amorphous swells." - AMBIENTRANCE. Along with computer based software synthesis and sampling technologies, Johnson also uses traditional acoustic instruments which helps to give his music a more organic, warm sound and feel.
Johnson's recorded output consists mainly of introspective ambient soundscape albums, but his live performances present a range of energy; from sonic drift to focused rhythms. A ten year veteran as live performer, Johnson has, "quite a few rhythmic pieces that I use live. Some are quite trancey and evolve, twist and turn, while others offer more of a familiar song-like structure." In addition to manipulation of electronic timbres, Johnson's music also offers dynamics. "The dynamics of my live set range from subtle percussion, to powerful rhythmic lines. It's nice to incorporate these as transition pieces and breaks between the more subtle atmospheres. It keeps the performance engaging." James Johnson

James Johnson James Johnson made his Philadelphia concert debut at The Gatherings Concert Series on 21 April 2001 at St. Mary's Hamilton Village. Also appearing was Baird Hersey. Photos and reviews as well as details on the upcoming Gatherings series concert with James Johnson + Vir Unis on 12 April 2003 are available on-line at:
Following his concert at The Gatherings, James Johnson performed a live in-studio concert on the 04.22.01 broadcast of STAR'S END. Johnson performed a dynamic continuous long-form, ever evolving improvisational piece on this special broadcast.James Johnson

Vir Unis + James Johnson James Johnson returned to Philadelphia on 12 April 2003 to once again perform at The Gatherings Concert Series. Joining him was friend and collaborator, noted sound sculptor and electronic groove creator Vir Unis. The duo presented live material in the vein of their recent release, Perimeter and the follow-up 3CD set, Perimeter 2 - released in Philadelphia on 12 April. Read the STAR'S END Review.

James Johnson + Vir Unis

Following their 12 April concert in Philadelphia, Vir Unis + James Johnson transferred themselves and their music making equipment up to nearby STAR'S END Ambient Radio for a live on-air in-studio radio concert. The duo played live throughout the entire five hour duration of the 04.13.03 broadcast.

For more on Vir Unis, including an audio excerpt from last year's STAR'S END interview, access the STAR'S END Profile:

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James JohnsonInterviewed live via telephone on the 9 February 2003 broadcast of STAR'S END, James Johnson spoke of his collaborations with Vir Unis and their upcoming concert in Philadelphia at both The Gatherings Concert Series and live on STAR'S END Ambient Radio. Listen to the 13 minute excerpt by clicking the link below:

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