STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 19 October 2014
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Asendant                New Land                New Land (self-released)
Vic Hennegan            Paper Rain Drops        Ambient Music to Heal (wayfarer)
Jack Hertz              Mountains               Drive (aural films)
Fanger & Schonwalder    Wintergarten            Analog Overdose (manikin)
Erren Fleissig Schottler Steffen - Oblivion     Night on Ouddorp (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl           Forever Distant         Cenotaph (synkronos music)

Joost Egelie            Pioneers                From Mars to Earth (self-released)
Under the Dome          Hell                    The Demon Haunted World (neu harmony)
FSP/Pollard/Hashtronaut The Valher Twins        Time Out of Mind (acoustic wave)

Wolves in the Throne Room - Turning Ever Towards the Sun - Celestite (art emisia)
Julianna Barwick        Labrynthine             Nepenthe (dead oceans)
Marconi Union           Parts 4 5 6             Weightless vol 2 (just music)
Amongst Mysleves        tracks 6 7              The Past is Another Country (self-released)
J Peter Schwalm         Parsifal: Initium 3     Wagner Transformed (intergroove classics)

John Luther Adams       Become Ocean            Become Ocean (cantaloupe)
Harold Budd             Jane 21                 Jane 12 - 21 (darla)
Bird Traps              Minor Tapes             The Colour Fields (self-released)

Christopher Bissonette  Waiting a Little Time   Essays in Idleness (kranky)
Tigerforest             Asylum Harbor           The Tides of Day and Night (amadea)
Dave Luxton             Today We Were II        Ambient Music to Heal (wayfarer)
A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Atomos II     Atomos (kranky)
Perry Frank             Ruins                   Soundscape Box 1 (psychonavigation)
Gentoo                  When I Disappear        Collapsed Memories (simulacra)
Anjou                   Lamptest                Anjou (kranky)
Kohshi Kamata           Day Drift               Seven Most (offshoot/psychonavigation)
Richard Bone   Divine Winds of Benevolent Gods  Verticle Life (self-released)
Nelson Flotz/Tom Lynn   Prelude                 Departure (stillsounds)
Matt Borghi/Michael Teager - Blue Sky Fades     Shades of Bending Light (slobor media)
Arve Henriksen          Salm                    The Nature of Connections (rune grammofon)


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