The STAR'S END "Back in Time" Radio Concert 2023

Sunday 5 November 2023

live on

STAR'S END Ambient Radio
88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia

Star's End Back in Time 2023


Ryan M Todd Chuck van Zyl
Jason Sloan
Neil Cippon
Huron Chuck van Zyl

Clock Live Music Throughout the Night on the 2023 "Back in Time" Edition of STAR'S END

In the midst of every Fall season clocks are turned back one hour and most of the world returns to Standard Daylight Time. STAR'S END listeners are aware that every year on this night the radio show is one hour longer in length - and the slipping back of the clocks is imagined as a crude form of time travel. We watch and listen as STAR'S END begins at 1:00AM and the opening hour progresses, that is until 1:59AM - after which the clock magically jumps back to 1:00AM, never quite making it to 2:00AM on the first try.

In 2023 the annual clock change occurs during the 5 November 2023 edition of STAR'S END - which will feature a special Back in Time presentation of six live Spacemusic acts performing during each of the six one hour segments of this extra-long broadcast (much like on the groundbreaking broadcast of 3 November 2013).

Please make plans to tune in/live stream the special Back in Time Broadcast of 5 November 2023 - where throughout this longest night STAR'S END Ambient Radio will endeavor to present live on-air six one hour realizations by local night-owl Spacemusic devotees.

Please see below for concert notes and background on the artists.

Ryan M Todd

Ryan M Todd - 1:00AM (Daylight Saving Time)

Well-known for his work in the Philadelphia duo Private Sea, Ryan M Todd brings the same verve and enthusiasm to his solo work. Commanding the sound, the weight, taste and texture of synthesized tones, his optimism and artistry are fully present throughout every well-crafted musical moment. Expressing and experimenting in ways built on previous entries in this field, Todd is as focussed on the wonders of the psyche as he is on the machinery used to realize his most expressive work. From fuming, vigorous and urging, on down to the softest susurration of timbral truth, he navigates between Spacemusic's drone zones and ethereal washes, on up to a lively braindance of melody, rhythm, grooves and pulse.

For more on Ryan M Todd, access the STAR'S END Profile

(The 1AM DST Ryan M Todd segment will be performed by the local Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl)

Jason Sloan

Jason Sloan - 1:00AM (Standard Daylight Time)

Exploring sound, texture and atmosphere, the music of Jason Sloan is smooth and spacious. It opens up and fills Ambient zones with the slow motion of sustaining chords and a gradual metamorphosis of timbre. By adding the elements of rhythm and melody his works provide a surprisingly deeper examination of the interior landscape. With layers of reverberant tones over sampled percussion grooves and loops, or perhaps cloud-soft synth pads and digital-age beats, Sloan's musical ideas posses a shimmering exuberance. Sparking then smoldering, his music plays out across an ever-changing landscape.

For more on Jason Sloan, access the STAR'S END Profile


KiloWatts - 2:00AM (Standard Daylight Time)

For his STAR'S END sets KiloWatts (a.k.a. Jamie Watts) draws on opposite sides of his personality. Finding peace in the steadily falling night, musician and audience follow a sprawling sleep narrative of sound and spirit. Within a chamber of reverberations and resonances subtle harmonic contrasts cast their suggestive spell. The sonic atmosphere thickens and thins, light rises and falls, visions come and go, and somewhere out there on the timbral plain the artist is profoundly revealed. Next to drifting melodies and fluttering modulations we are lead to where shadows play, and beckoned further inside a substantial Ambient soundscape. A gently cascading power, triggered by a command of music and technology, mood, tone and atmosphere, enliven the KiloWatts Space sessions.

For more on KiloWatts, access the STAR'S END Review


ST∆ER - 3:00AM (Standard Daylight Time)

The mind of Ian Staer is ever moving, through regions dark and light. Recording and playing concerts under the name ST∆ER his work communicates interiority, transmitting the composer's mindscape to the audience in a very effective way. By listening to his music, you have taken your first steps onto a larger world - a realm where the human hand and eye has taken over from the computer. Utilizing conventional synthesizer keyboards alongside modular systems, Staer moves our bodies to the pulse of the galaxy while energizing our thoughts at the speed of sound. Something urgent is running beneath the surface of this music. Harmonies breathe with the intricacies of proportion, consonance, dissonance and resonance. Chords rise and fall, then push and pull one another above mechanized sequencer energy. From minimalist patterns meant to arouse the adventurous, and questioning interludes of metallic drones, to dramatic piano themes and wondrously modulated aural accents, the mounting tension resolves into a plane of possibility and wonder.

For more on STAER, access the STAR'S END Profile

Neil Cippon

Neil Cippon - 4:00AM (Standard Daylight Time)

Philadelphia based multi-instrumentalist Neil Cippon explores the ambient atmospheres possible with his six string electric bass. Using various pedals, filters, loopers and delays combined with synthesizer textures and Berlin-School sequencing, his soundscapes send the listener in an outward direction along an arc of original sounds, designs and moods. Issuing a silvery beam of cool tones and tender textures, Cippon's processed bass guitar plays warmly in easily engaging curving contours. With concerts in this expanded minimalist style, the continuously lulling long-form pieces drift gently through Ambient realms. A quieter experiment than those of his Rock Band years, his more recent routes take their time to develop. Moving gently through our sleep, over an audience tending toward the meaningful and mysterious Neli Cippon shares his secrets.

For more on Neil Cippon, access the STAR'S END Profile


Huron - 5:00AM (Standard Daylight Time)

Johnny Lancia realizes blissed-out ambient works and concerts under the name Huron. His music is filled with heady drones and idiosyncratic rhythms that reflect the natural world - filtered through a variety of modular synthesizers, analog electronics and tape manipulation processes. His inner voyage is as stimulating as the outer one attended by listeners. Lancia's gear, a paradise of hidden synergies, conspires with the composer to suggest a beautiful, untouchable realm. Electrical currents, spilling out into the air of our three dimensions, charge the listening space in a dreamy, reflective glow. A spell of harmonic turbulence winds down into a shimmering flow of arpeggiated melodies - the notes seeming to dance just a few feet above our heads. Keenly calibrated shifts in surface drift by in breaths of sonic mist, then fade away into smoldering circuitry. Such invention gives hope, as new kinds of beauty are bound to emerge from this process.

For more on Huron, access the STAR'S END Profile

(The 5AM ST Huron segment will be performed by the local Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl)

Star's End Back in Time 2023 STAR'S END Back in Time 2023

Sincere Thanks to everyone who tuned in to support and enjoy our live on-air in-studio performances, and to all the musicians who put forth such a late-night effort to participate in STAR'S END Back in Time 2023.

Thanks Also to Neil Cippon and Damara MP for establishing and maintaining the live A/V stream, Roycee Martin for routing, recording and engineering the live concert audio and Jeff Towne for technical help and oversight.

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