Various Artists
Album: The Gatherings

Label: Synkronos Music

The Gatherings
2002 marked the tenth anniversary of the first concert in The Gatherings Concert Series, Philadelphia's premiere concert series of innovative music from the ambient, electronic and space music worlds. Over the years, nearly every concert has been recorded and archived. An anthology of excerpts from early performances from the series has been produced and compiled onto one CD. The Gatherings was released at the CD party in Philadelphia on 11 August 2002 and is being made available at future Gatherings concerts.

The Gatherings CD contains over 60 minutes of live music, unique performances taken from past concerts by some of our community's greatest talents. Included on the disc are previously unreleased live selections donated by: The Ministry of Inside Things, Bionaut, Ben Neill, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Kevin Bartlett and Jeff Greinke.

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