STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 6 January 2008
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2007 - Year in Review Part Two *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Ian Boddy Before the End of the Beginning  STAR'S END 30th Anniversary Anthology
Brendan Pollard         Flux Echoes (excerpt)   Flux Echoes (acoustic wave)
Radio Massacre Int'l    Greekscene              Lost in Space (northern echo)
Frank Klare             Theta Moods             Moods (groove)
Klaus Schulze           Sequenzer (70 to 07)    Kontinuum (spv)

Rudy Adrian             Sore Birds              Par Avion (groove)
Radium88                Lullaby               Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth
Tristan Feldbauer       Lido                    Recordings
D Helpling/J Jenkins    The Knowing             Treasure (spotted peccary)
D Martin/J Arif Verner  Spiritus                Anno Domini (spotted peccary)
Hoffmann-Hoock/Wostheinrich - Moonlit           Conundrum (DiN)
Robert Rich             Minaret.Terra Meta      Atlas Dei
Marconi Union           A Temporary Life        Distance (all saints)

Radio Massacre Int'l    Enormodome              Blacker (northern echo)
Mahoney + Peck          Cosmic Visitation       The Gallery of Subtle Smiles
Nunc Stans              Night Vision            Night Vision (dataObscura)
Robert Rich             Temple                  Illumination
Nathan Youngblood       Flume                   Asunder (timeroom)
Amongst Myselves        Greybox Shadow          Auburn Silhouette

Robin Guthrie + Harold Budd - A Formless Path - Before the Day Breaks (darla)
John Tavener            The Lamb                Children of Men ost
Steve Kornicki  Altered Orchestra #4 (ecxerpt)  Transformations + Manipulations
Jim Cole + Spectral Voices - Hear Earth         Innertones (spectral spiral)
Nelson Foltz + Tom Lyn  excerpt                 Still Life vol 2 (stillsounds)
Craig Padilla           excerpt                 The Light in the Shadow

Between Interval        Open Frequency          Radio Silence (wanderings)
Timescape               Static Moment           Daughters of Jupiter
The Winterhouse         Slow Promises           Slow Promises (blue oasis)
Evan Bartholomew -Reborn We Fluxuate and Fade   Caverns of Time
Steve Peters            Circular Lullaby        Occasional Music (pol)
The Circular Ruins      Minus 40                Falling into the Sky (blue oasis
Cymphonic               Gracilis                Strataradialis (databloem)
Richard Bone            Indigo, Once Again      Infinite Plastic Creation


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