STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 30 December 2007
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2007 - Year in Review Part One *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Steve Roach             Star Offering      STAR'S END 30th Anniversary Anthology
Russel Walder   The World Goes Through My Mind  Rise (nomad soul)
The Circular Ruins      Immer Du                Falling into the Sky (blue oasis
Dwight Ashley           He Let It Go            Watermelon Sugar (nepenthe)
The Winterhouse         Letting Go              Slow Promises (blue oasis)
Jeff Greinke            Deep Inside             Winter Light (lotuspike)
Tchaikovsky             To Thee We Sing         Sacred Treasures V (hos)
Tetsu Inoue             Symphony H20            Inland (fax)
Robin Guthrie/Harold Budd - Open Book           Before the Night Falls (darla)

Tom Middleton           Margherita              Lifetracks (six degrees)
Patrick O'Hearn         Our Temperable Host     Glaciation
Evan Bartholomew        Between Becoming        Borderlands (new land)
Arc                     Slipstream              Fracture (DiN)
White Rainbow           For Terry               Prism of Eternal Now (kranky)
Robert Fripp            tracks 6 7              At the End of Time (discipline)
Steve Peters            Circular Lullaby        Occasional Music (pol)

Redshift                Last                    Last
Orbital Decay           Solar Maxima            Solar Maxima
Adrian Beasley          Generator               Powerhouse
Parallel Worlds         Increasing Complexity   Obsessive Compulsive (DiN)
Patrick O'Hearn         A Safe Return           Glaciation
Free System Projekt     Desolate Landscape      Gent
Radio Massacre Int'l    ...Far Away             Rain Falls in Grey (cuneiform)

Pete Namlook            Air Current             Music for Urban Meditation II
Brian Parnham         Altar of the Underground  Mantle (timeroom)
Lena               Alchemy of Fingers and Dark  Alchemy of Fingers and Dark
Markus Reuter/Robert Rich - Reluctant           Eleven Questions (unsung)
Tor Lundval             November Fields         The Seasons Unfolded
Gregory Taylor          Nem.Barang              Amalgam: Aluminum/Hydrogen (pol)
Nelson Foltz/Tom Lynn   excerpt                 Still Life vol 3 (stillsounds)
Mico Nonet              Hammock                 The Marmalade Balloon
Trio Mediaeval          Gjendines Badniat       Folk Songs (ecm)
K Leimer                Declension of Need      The Useless Lesson (pol)

The Fulton/Reaves Project - Endless Range and Time - The Range (binary)
Lisa Gerrard            Medusa Mirror           The Silver Tree (emi)
Georges Delerue         Mort de Thomas          Le Mepris
Stars of the Lid -AnotherBalladForHeavyLids- And Their Refinement of the Decline
Pan American            The Penguin Speaks      For Waiting For Chasing
Amiina                  Blafeldur               Kurr
O Yuki Conjugate        Tropospheric            The Euphoria of Disobedience
Erik Wollo              The Arrow of Time       Elevations (spotted peccary)
Kit Watkins             tracks 1 2 3            SkyZone
Triola              Das Wunder der Kulperhutte  Pop Ambient 2007 (kompakt)


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