STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 7 May 2017
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Free System Projekt     Ehecati                         Five Suns (self-released)
Bernd Kistenmacher      Disintegration                  Disintegration (mi records)
Broekhuis Keller Schonwalder - St Mary's Philadelphia   Red Live @ USA (manikin)

Ombient w/Chuck van Zyl - Live to Air In-Studio Radio Concert 05.07.17 - unreleased

Robert Rich             tracks 1 2 3                    Electric Ladder (soundscape)
Hotel Neon              1:57AM                          Context (fluid audio)
Geoffrey Waterman - Live at The Gatherings 11.12.16     unreleased

Fourth Dimension        The One                         The Core (synphaera)
K Markov                Easy Morning                    Easy Morning (self-released)
S Roach/R Logan         Ecdysis Activation              Biosonic (projekt)
Ian Boddy               Tone 1                          Tone Science (DiN)
Guitar Pilots           Primrose Prelude                Up and Out (synkronos music)
Lustmord                Subspace (excerpt)              Dark Matter (touch)
Moby                    LA8                             Long Ambients 1 (self-released)
Gavin Bryars            As Sure as There is Space       The Fifth Century (ecm)
Black Tape for a Blue Girl - Please Don't Go            These Fleeting Moments (projekt)
onewayness/dRachEmUsik  Part III (excerpt)              Mirrors to the Bonfire (onomastic/mcsd)

Tom Eaton               The Red Blazer                  Indesterren (river wide records)
RobertRich/MarkusReuter These Storms Cast Shadows on... Lift a Feather to the Flood (soundscape)
H Givens/Madhavi Devi   Pathless Passage                Source of Compassion (spotted peccary)
Xisle                   The Domain of Arnheim           The Gatherings vol 2 (cima of pa)
Robert Davies           Lone Hours                      Afterlight (dataObscura)


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