STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 3 November 2019
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

subtractiveLad		The Scenic Route		The Man and the Echo (self-released)
Cosmic Ground		Compact-Space			Cosmic Ground 5 (studio fleisch)
K Markov		Inner Alchemy			Interactivity (exosphere)
Arc			Relay				Octane (DiN)

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Simon Lomax - Live to Air In-Studio Radio Concert 11.03.19 - unreleased

Steve Roach		tracks 3 4 5			Trance Archeology (projekt)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth	The Chaos Balance		IX (eco)
Darren McClure		Pulse of the Landscape		Fraction (audiobulb)

Steve Roach		Synesthete			Bloom Ascension (projekt)
Caterina Barbieri	Bow of Perception		Ecstatic Computation (editions mego)
GROBEK			Elements			GROBEK I (self-released)
Hollan Holmes		One Giant Leap			The Unity (aatma)
The Soviet Space Dog Project - Plus Three Degrees	AEther Waves vol 1 (aether waves)
Alex Somers/Sigur Ros	Into Place			Black Mirror: Hang the DJ (invada)
Eve Maret		Many Moons			No More Running (self-released)
Beyond Berlin		Andante				Totem (groove unlimited)
Defective AI		Decay				A Book of Coherent Warnings (jealous butcher)
loscil			Equivalent 7			Equivalents (kranky)
Forrest Smithson	Compassion Wheel		The Healer's Way (self-released)

Guitar Pilots		4of7				unreleased
Bluetech		tracks 11 12 13			Holotrope (behind the sky music)
Robert Rich		Cyclosporum			Cosines and Tangents (DiN)
Datadrift		Vacillating Drones		Live at The Gatherings (self-released)

Robert Schroeder	Harmonic Ascendant		Harmonic Ascendant (innovative communications)
Chuck van Zyl		Part 2				Spacetones (groove unlimited)
offthesky		Bleeds Life			Fallow (dronarivm)
Skoulaman		Baku Memories			Fluxes in Philadelphia (groove unlimited)
Hotel Neon		Sunfire				Vanishing Forms (archives)


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