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The 12.04.22 edition of STAR'S END will be preempted by WXPN's 90s A-Z Special Programming. STAR'S END will return for the 12.11.22 broadcast.

Chuck van Zyl Livestream Q&A + Concert Performance 3-4 December 2022

Every Saturday Night/Sunday Morning from 1:00AM until 6:00AM finds Chuck van Zyl presenting the live broadcast of Star's End - WXPN's
legendary late-night radio program of Spacemusic. With the December 4 broadcast being preempted by special programming Chuck had
a rare night off and spent it in a monumental online event from ElectricLatteLand.

Star's Landing began with an 11PM Q&A moderated by Jeff Towne (of the nationally syndicated public radio program Echoes)
and was joined by friends & fans from far & wide. At 1:00AM EST Chuck van Zyl embarked on an epic live Electronic Music concert
to fill the five hours usually occupied by Star's End.

To be "on the air" with Chuck and Jeff during the Q&A at 11PM on December 3, attendees joined us on Zoom. This was for the Q&A
only - for which registration was required. Attendees registered through this link: http://tinyurl.com/starslanding

Once registration filled up for the Zoom, fans could still listen/watch the Q&A using this link: http://youtu.be/u5Gst6cVLg4

...and everyone could access this same link at 1AM to listen/watch the five hour live concert.

Thanks for joining us for Star's Landing. Please find additional details at: http://www.therotunda.org

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STAR'S END Archived Stream

Chuck van Zyl

Beginning with the 10.07.18 edition, an archived stream of each broadcast of STAR'S END will be available through the WXPN website. To listen anytime, please access: www.xpn.org/program/stars-end

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