STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 21 December 2008
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD|
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Richard Bone            Paetr Pax               Sudden Departure (quirkworks)
Hammock - We Will Say Goodbye to Everyone - Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow (darla)
Darshan Ambient       Slowly Toward the North - From Pale Hands to Weary Skies (lotuspike)
Motionfield             Horizon                 Optical Flow (somnia)
Johan Agebjorn          Dulciter Somni          Mossebo (lotuspike)
Stephen Philips         Down Deep               Message From a Subatomic World (hypnos)
Chuck van Zyl       Dark Bands Bright Streaks - The Relic (centaur discs ltd)

Free System Projekt     Part II (excerpt)       Narrow Lane
Klaus Schulze           Velvet Voyage           Mirage (thunderbolt)

Arc                     Rapture                 Fracture (DiN)
Jeffrey Koepper         Eternal Sea             Momentium (air space)
Cosmic Hoffmann         Cosmic ChaCha           Outerspace Gems (manikin)
M Peck                  Somna                   Sounds of a Universe Overheard (hypnos)
Johann Johannsson       The Rocket Builder      Fordlandia (4ad)
The Ministry Of Inside Things - The New Past    Ambient Elsewhere (synkronos)

4:00am - Fernando Rodriguez Guest Mix
Paul Bradley            Consumed Part 3         Consumed (twenty hertz)
The Green Kingdom       Indigo Afternoon        Laminae (the land of)
Kiyoshi Mizutani        Two Tables            Yasujiro Ozu Compilation (and/oar)
Yui Onodera             Substrate 8             Substrates (mystery sea)
Werner Durnad & Alio Die - Ghosts               Aqua Planning (hic sunt leones)
Keith Berry             Hatsu Yume            Yasujiro Ozu Compilation (and/oar)
David Tagg - Arctic Relfection - Untitled (expanding electronic diversity)
Ubeboet           Vuelo Son Mar Canto Interno - Spectra (twenty hertz)
Stephan Mathieu         Auf Der Gasse           Radioland (die schachtel)
Enita Non               Egress (excerpt)        Fold (dayaobscura)
Rod Modell              Cool Watery Depths      Between Sun and Moon (soleilmoon)
Helios                  Luek (excerpt)          Unomonia (merck)
Zeit                    Above the Edge      Waves From the Sky (hic sunt leones)

Steve Roach/Erik Wollo  Part 19                 Stream of Thought (projekt)
Travis & Fripp          The Unspoken            Thread (discipline global mobile)
Rudy Adrian             Rocks Under Moonlight   Desert Realms (lotuspike)
Sara Ayers              There Was No More Time  Echoes of Polyhymnia (hypnos)
Ian Boddy              The Probabiity of Doubt  Slide (DiN)
M83                     The Highest Journey     Digital Shades 1 (gooom)
Vic Hennegan            Winter's Tears          Aqua Vista (alien tribes)
Under the Radar - Clockwork - I Was There I Traveled But I Can't Remember When
Sonoprint               A New Blue World        Ambient Space


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