STAR'S END Space Camp 2021
STAR'S END Space Camp 2021

STAR'S END Space Camp 2021

Live-to-Air Radio Concerts on STAR'S END throughout August 2021


08.01.21 Huron
08.08.21 Tim Motzer
08.15.21 Jason Sloan
08.22.21 ST∆ER
08.29.21 Hotel Neon
09.05.21 Ombient

The STAR'S END radio program broadcasts live every Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 1:00AM to 6:00AM on public radio station WXPN in Philadelphia


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Huron 08.01.21
Johnny Lancia Johnny Lancia realizes blissed-out ambient works and concerts under the name Huron. His music is filled with heady drones and idiosyncratic rhythms that reflect his love of the natural world - filtered through a variety of modular synthesizers, analog electronics and tape manipulation processes.

For more about Huron, please access the STAR'S END Profile

Huron Live on STAR'S END 08.01.21 (live stream archive)

Tim Motzer 08.08.21
Tim Motzer The music of Tim Motzer travels on the reverb laden phrases of shimmering steel strings. Where electric guitar solos rise in ever strengthening leads, a rolling slow-flow of calm and color radiates below - as the expressive array of sonic shades and whispering washes clings willingly to the ears.

For more about Tim Motzer, please access the STAR'S END Profile

Tim Motzer Live on STAR'S END 08.08.21 (live stream archive)

Jason Sloan 08.15.21
Jason Sloan Exploring sound, texture and atmosphere, the music of Jason Sloan is smooth and spacious. It opens up and fills ambient areas with the slow motion of sustaining chords and a gradual metamorphosis of timbre. By adding the elements of rhythm and melody, his Spacemusic works provide a surprisingly deeper examination of the interior landscape.

For more about Jason Sloan, please access the STAR'S END Profile

Jason Sloan Live on STAR'S END 08.15.21 (live stream archive)

ST∆ER 08.22.21
Ian Staer ST∆ER is the solo project of Philadelphia-based Electronic Musician Ian R Staer. Fully and effectively imagined, his music opens up a warm and beautiful space, then moves slowly through it - providing a rich, fully formed musical environment we will want to visit over and again.

For more about ST∆ER, please access the STAR'S END Profile

ST∆ER Live on STAR'S END 08.22.21 (live stream archive)

Hotel Neon 08.29.21
Hotel Neon Hotel Neon is a Philadelphia based Ambient drone trio. Consisting of Michael Tasselmyer, Andrew Tasselmyer and Steven Kemner, their music is characterized by blissed-out, gently moving forms and slowly evolving atmospheres. In understated works for processed electric guitars and deep synthesizer tones they entice the audience into a dreamy, wordless state.

For more about Hotel Neon, please access the STAR'S END Profile

Hotel Neon Live on STAR'S END 08.29.21 (live stream archive)

Ombient 09.05.21
Mike Hunter & Chuck van Zyl Work by Ombient draws on higher-order capacities. By carefully exploiting the intrinsic technological limits of 1970s era Electronic Music Mike Hunter (w/Chuck van Zyl) enlarge the medium's expressive range, and prove the Berlin-School is a genre that continues to grow and change with each new manifestation.

For more about Ombient, please access the STAR'S END Profile

Ombient w/Chuck van Zyl Live on STAR'S END 09.05.21 (live stream archive)

STAR'S END Space Camp 2021 STAR'S END, hosted by Chuck van Zyl, broadcasts live weekly beginning at 1:00AM on Saturday night until 6:00AM Sunday morning (USA Eastern Time Zone). Originating from WXPN, Non-commercial Radio from The University of Pennsylvania, STAR'S END has occupied this time slot since its inception back in 1976 making it one of the longest running radio programs of Ambient/Space music in the world.

WXPN's signal is sent to various other radio stations, repeaters and translators throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland:

  • 88.5FM WXPN Philadelphia, PA
  • 88.7FM Middletown, York and Lancaster, PA
  • 90.5FM WKHS Worton/Baltimore, MD
  • 91.9FM WXPJ Hackettstown, NJ
  • 99.7FM Harrisburg, PA
  • 104.9FM Lehigh Valley, PA
  • W285DH Whitehall, PA

In addition to the various land based FM radio transmissions, STAR'S END can also be received live via the World Wide Web. Learn about the live stream by accessing

Star's End Space Camp 2021 Sincere Thanks to everyone who tuned in to support and enjoy our return to on-air studio performances, and to all the musicians who made the effort to participate in STAR'S END Space Camp 2021

Thanks Also to Neil Cippon for technical oversight of the live stream, and to Roycee Martin for routing, recording and engineering the live concert audio

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