Significant Releases of 2004 (non-ranking order)
    Ace Paradise : Electro-Statica
    John Adams : On the Transmigration of Souls (Nonesuch)
    Azam Ali : Portals of Grace (Narada)
    Alpha Wave Movement : Cosmology (Groove)
    Anomalous Distrubances : Archive One
    Dwight Ashley : Discrete Carbon (Nepenthe)

    Dan Barrio : This Physical World
    William Basinski + Richard Chartier : William Basinski + Richard Chartier (12k)
    Belgium : Nachtfahrt (Klang Bilder)
    Biosphere : Shenzhou (Touch)
    Biosphere : Autour de la Lune (Touch)
    Bochum Welt : Kissing a Robot Goodbye (Device)
    Ian Boddy : Chiasmata (DiN)
    Ron Boots + Bas Broekhius : Hydrythmix (Groove)

    Lori Carson : The Finest Thing (Meta)
    Current : Communion (Origo Sound)
    Circular : Glass Darkly (Origo Sound)
    The Circular Ruins : Empathy Test (Databloem)
    Clear Horizon : Clear Horizon (Kranky)
    Barry Cleveland : Memory & Imagination (Supersaturated)
    Jim Cole + Mathias Grassow : The Last Bright Light (Atmoworks)
    Max Corbacho + Bruno Sanfilippo : Indalo (ad21)
    Current : Musik (Origo Sound)
    Cyscape : Deep Sea Explorer

    Greg Davis : Somnia (Kranky)
    The Dead Texan : The Dead Texan (Kranky)
    Deep Space Network : Raise This Flap (Source)
    Deuter : Like The Wind Through The Trees (New Earth)
    Diatonis : Ambient Life 1
    Choying Drolma/Steve Tibetts : Selwa (Six Degrees)
    Mark Dwane : The Sirius Connection (Trondant)
    Dweller at the Threshold : Full Boundary Condition (Quantum)

    Paul Ellis : The Sacred Ordinary (Groove)
    Paul Ellis + Craig Padilla : Echo System (Groove)
    Gert Emmens : Waves of Dreams (Groove)
    Gert Emmens + Ruud Heij Return to the Origin (Quantum)
    Brian Eno : Music for Civic Recovery (Opal)

    Michael Jon Fink : A Temperament for Angels (Cold Blue)
    Formaria : 8 Shades of Sound (Chillfactor 10)
    Luca Formentini : Subterraneans (Auditorium)
    Free System Projekt : Protoavis (Quantum)
    Free System Projekt + Dweller at the Thesold : Passanger 4 (Quantum)

    Ruben Garcia : Maybe Forgotten Forever (TrancePort)
    Lisa Gerrard/Peter Cassidy : Immortal Memory (4AD)
    The Glimmer Room : Grey Mirrors (A-Frame)
    Jeff Greinke : Soundtracks (First World)
    Growing : The Sky's Run Into The Sea (Kranky)
    Philippe Emmanuel Gueble : Fire + Remembrance (Underwater)
    Brent Gutzeit : Drug Money (Kranky)

    Hard Sleeper : Rain/A Leaf Spiral
    Helios : Unomia (Merck)
    Baird Hersey + Prana : The Eternal Embrace
    Chad Hoefler : Twilight in the Offing (Hypnos)
    HUVA Network : Disctances (Ultimae)

    James Johnson + Vir Unis : Easting (Atmoworks)
    James Johnson : Environment 1 (Atmoworks)

    Al Gromer Khan : Tantra Electronics (New Earth)
    Klangwelt : The Age of Numbers (Spheric)
    Klimek : Milk & Honey (Kompakt)
    Petri Kuljuntausta : Momentum (Aureobel)
    Kwook : Unidentified Feathered Object (Databloem)

    John Lakveet : Building Sequential Stones vol 1 (Groove)
    John Lakveet : Building Sequential Stones vol 2 (Groove)
    Lanterna : Highways (Badman)
    Ben Leinbach : The Spirit of Yoga (Real Music)
    Living Dreamtime : Exploring the Water Element (Origo Sound)
    Loscil : First Narrows (Kranky)

    M83 : Dead Cities Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (Mute)
    Maitreya : .74 (Council of Nine)
    Deborah Martin + Cheryl Gallagher : Tibet (Spotted Peccary)
    Mind Transport Tools : Tone-Cone (Spiralight)
    Mokira : Album (Type)
    Move D : Pop for Dwoozle (Fax)
    Mr Projectile : Sinking (Merck)
    Murcof : Utopia (Leaf)

    Pete Namlook : Namlook XIX (Fax)
    Neuronium : Hydro (Valley Entertainment)
    Numina + Caul : Inside the Hollow Realm (Gestalt)
    Numina : Sanctuary of Dreams (Hypnos)

    Off the Sky : Cold Distances (Databloem)

    Dino Pacifici : The Float Zone
    Craig Padilla : Genesis (Spotted Peccary)
    Pan American : Quiet City (Kranky)
    David Parsons : Vajra (Groove)
    Pass Into Silence : Calm Like a Millpond (Kompakt)
    Steve Peters : From Shelter (Cold Blue)
    Phutureprimitive : Sub Conscious (Waveform)
    Proem : Socially Inept (Merck)
    Pub : Pub > Single (Ampouloe)

    Radio Massacre Int'l : E-Live 2003 (Northern Echo)
    Radio Massacre Int'l : People Would Really Like Space (Northern Echo)
    Radio Massacre Int'l : Walking on the Sea (Northern Echo)
    Radium 88 : Metamorphosis (Lotek)
    Markus Reuter + Ian Boddy : Pure (DiN)
    Robert Rich : Calling Down the Sky
    Robert Rich : Open Windows
    Roach Metcalf Seelig : Mantram (Projekt)

    Bruno Sanfilippo : Ad Libitum (ad21)
    Bruno Sanfilippo : Visualia (Neuronium)
    Dom F Scab : Twelve Stories (Margen)
    Scenic : The Acid Gospel Experience (Hidden Agenda)
    Klaus Schulze : Contemporary Works vol 2
    Sigur Ros : Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
    Sounds from the Ground : Luminal (Waveform)
    Kent Sparling : Leaf Spring (Jicama Salad)
    Spielerei : Once Upon a Time (Databloem)
    Spielerei + Mantacoup : Wichman and Other Pieces (Databloem)
    Stargarden : Step Off (Magnatone)
    Stars of the Lid : Avec Laudenum (Kranky)
    Saul Stokes : Radiate (Databloem)
    Steve Stoll : Earthling (Fax)
    Surface 10 : Borrowed Time 2000 (Space for Music)
    Syntetika : Time & Space

    Glen Tarachow : Waterclock (Burning Water Rebellion)
    Terra Ambient : The Gate (Lotuspike)
    Andrew Thomas : Fearsome Jewel (Kompakt)
    Twilight Archive : Twilight Archive (Electrophonica)
    Trio Mediaeval : Soir, dit-elle (ECM)

    Under the Dome : Over the Pond (Cochlear Vision)

    Frank van Bogaert : Closer (Groove)
    Vidna Obmana : Anthology 1984-2004 (Ikon)
    Vidna Obmana : Phrasing the Air (Hypnos)
    Volt : Star Compass (Groove)

    Michael Whalen : Nightscenes (Alchemy)
    Michael Whalen : Like Rain Through My Hands (Alchemy)

    Zero One : Psy-Fi (Spiralight)

    Various Artists : Fluidities (Foundry)
    Various Artists : Mojave 2003 (Ricochet Dreams)
    Various Artists : Bibimbap (Foundry)
    Various Artists : Passages - ECHOES Living Room Concerts vol 10 (EchoDisc)
    Various Artists : Ambienism (Spiralight)
    Various Artists : Branches and Routes (Fatcat)
    Various Artists : Em:t003 (Em:t)

2004 in Review Broadcasts:

26 December 2004 Playlist - Part One
2 January 2005 Playlist - Part Two
9 January 2005 Playlist - Part Three

Highlights From STAR'S END : 2004

MoIT 02.15.04

The Ministry of Inside Things
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Adrian Beasley Art Cohen 02.08.04

Adrian Beasley and Art Cohen
come on the air to help out with the STAR'S END Winter Fundrive

Ian Boddy 03.21.04

Ian Boddy
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

AirSculpture 04.18.04

perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Radio Massacre Int'l 05.09.04

Radio Massacre Int'l
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Ace Paradise 05.16.04

Ace Paradise
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Star's 08.08.04

STAR'S END presents an entire broadcast featuring music produced and recorded live on the air:

Henry Frayne 09.12.04

Lanterna (Henry Frayne)
phones in to STAR'S END and help out with the Autumn Fundrive

Old Studio 09.19.04

Last STAR'S END broadcast from 3905 Spruce Street

New Studio 09.26.04

STAR'S END begins broadcasts from new WXPN studios

Lanterna 10.17.04

performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Orbital Decay 10.31.04

Orbital Decay
perform a live in-studio "Back In Time" radio concert on the annual extended broadcast of STAR'S END

Blow Up Hollywood 11.14.04

Blow Up Hollywood
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Centrozoon 11.28.04

performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

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