Significant Releases of 2005 (non-ranking order)
    A Produce : Black Sands (Trance-Port)
    Aeolian String Ensemble : Eclipse (Robot)
    Arc : Arcturus (DiN)
    Dwight Ashley : Four (Nepenthe)
    Ashley/Story : Standing + Falling (Nepenthe)
    Marvin Ayers : Cellosphere (Burning Shed)
    Sara Ayers : A Million Stories (Dark Wood)

    Angelo Badalamenti : A Very Long Engagement (Nonesuch)
    Between Interval : Secret Observatory (Wanderings)
    Blow Up Hollywood : Stars End
    Christopher Bissonnette : Periphery (Kranky)
    Boards of Canada : The Campfire Headphase (Warp)
    Matt Borghi : Images (Slobor)
    Chris Bocast : Through the Airlock (Divergant Arts)
    Boddy/Wostheinrich : Moire (DiN)
    Thom Brennan : Silver
    Harold Budd : Avalon Sutra (Samadhisound)
    Byla : Byla

    Peter Challoner : Abstract Ambient Form
    The Circular Ruins : Degrees of Separation (Dataobscura)
    The Circular Ruins : The Alchemy Concert (DataBloem)
    Matt Coldrick/Matt Hillier : Elemental Journey (Absolute Ambient)
    Ben Cox : On Water (Lotuspike)
    Rick Cox : Fade (Cold Blue)

    Darshan Ambient : Re:Karma (Lotuspike)
    Darshan Ambient : Autumn's Apple (Lotuspike)
    Dean De Benedictis : Salvaging the Past (Spotted Peccary)
    Choying Drolma/Steve Tibbetts : Selwa (Six Degrees)

    Paul Ellis : Silent Conversations (Groove)
    Gert Emmens : When Darkness Falls Upon the Earth (Groove)
    Gert Emmens/Ruud Heij : Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night (EH)

    Fanger + Schonwalder : Analog Overdose (Ricochet Dreams)
    Ben Fleury-Steiner : Chroma (Gears of Sand)
    Jim Fox : Descanos, Past (Cold Blue)
    Joep Franssens : Harmony of the Spheres
    Fripp & Eno : The Equatorial Stars (Opal)

    Michale Galasso : High Lines (ECM)
    Kyle Gann : Long Night (Cold Blue)
    Manuel Gottsching : Die Mulde (MG ART)
    Matthias Grassow : Ambience (Divine Frequency)
    Robin Gutherie/Harold Budd : Mysterious Skin (Commotion)

    Tim Hecker : Haunt Me (Alien8)
    David Helpling : Trade Offs (Deep Exile)
    Vic Hennegan : Desert God (Space for Music)
    David Hykes : Harmonic Meditations (Sounds True)

    Tetsu Inoue : Yolo (DiN)
    Ixohoxi : Chronologic (Gears of Sand)

    Jon Jenkins : Beyond City Light (Spotted Peccary)
    James Johnson : Cube (Atmoworks)

    Kagermann Keller Schonwalder : The Liquid Session (Manikin)
    Kettel : Volleyed Iron (U-Cover)
    Steve Kornicki : Orchestral Conceptual and Ensemble Music

    John Lakveet : Proportions (Groove)
    John Lakveet : The Force of Reason (Groove)
    Lammergeyer : Borders & Barrens (dataobscura)
    Daniel Lanois : Belladonna (Anti)

    Laurel Macdonald : Luscina's Lullaby (Factor)
    Ken Martin : Beyond Ultraviolet (Space for Music)
    Brian McBride : When the Detail Lost Its Freedom (Kranky)
    Laurel MacDonald : Luscinia's Lullaby (Charter)
    Moby : Hotel (V2)

    Namlook/Schulze : The Dark Side of the Moog X (Fax)
    Numina : Eye of the Nautilus (Hypnos)
    Nunc Stans : The Cerulean Suite (DataObscura)

    Patrick O'Hearn : Slow Time
    Oophoi + Laura John Krol : I Hear the Water Dreaming (Prikosnovenie)

    Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms : Path of Least Resistance (Lotuspike)
    Brain Parnham : Between Here & There (Floating Point)
    David Parsons : Inner Places (Celestial Harmonies)
    Jeff Pearce : Lingering Light
    Brendan Pollard : Expansion (Acoustic Wave)

    Radio Massacre Int'l : Emissaries (Cuneiform)
    Redshift : Oblivion
    Redshift : Faultline
    Robert Rich : Echo of Small Things
    Robert Rich/Ian Boddy : Lithosphere (DiN)
    Max Richter : The Blue Notebooks (Fat Cat)
    Steve Roach : New Life Dreaming (Timeroom)
    Steve Roach : Possible Planet (Timeroom)
    Janet Robbins : Carrying the Bag of Hearts
    Rumforskning : Fremtiden (DataObscura)

    Dom F Scab : Crosswords (Margen)
    Robert Scott Thompson : At the Still Point of the Turning World (Hypnos)
    Shuttle358 : Chessa (12k)
    Slow Six : Private Lives in Public Places
    Solar Fields : Extended (Ultimae)
    Sonogram : Substrates (Simulacra)
    Spyra : Meditationen (Manikin)
    Tim Story : Caravan (Nepenthe)

    302 acid : Even Calls (em:t)
    Trio Mediaeval : Stella Maris (ECM)

    J Arif Verner : Distant Horizon (Spotted Peccary)

    Waveworld : The Winds of Laak
    Windy and Carl : The Dream House/Dedications to Flea (Kranky)
    Erik Wollo : Blue Sky Red Guitars (Wanderings)

    Various Artists : em:t0004 (em:t)
    Various Artists : To the Sky and Beyond the Stars (Quantum)

2005 in Review Broadcasts:

1 January 2006 Playlist - Part One
8 January 2006 Playlist - Part Two
15 January 2006 Playlist - Part Three

Highlights From STAR'S END : 2005

MoIT 01.30.05

The Ministry of Inside Things
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Terry Furber 02.06.05

Terry Furber of Orbital Decay
comes on the air to help out with the STAR'S END Winter Fundrive

Concert 03.19.05

The Ministry of Inside Things and Orbital Decay
perform live at the STAR'S END Donor Concert held at WXPN studios

Illoin 04.03.05

performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Jonn Serrie 05.15.05

Jonn Serrie
performs a live in-studio radio concert
plus on-air interview on STAR'S END

Duncan Goddard Art Cohen 06.05.05

Duncan Goddard of Radio Massacre Int'l phones in and
Art Cohen of The Ministry of Inside Things stops by
to help out with the STAR'S END Spring Fundrive

302 acid 06.19.05

302 acid
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

302 acid 09.18.05

302 acid
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Jeff Pearce 09.25.05

Jeff Pearce
phones in to help out with the STAR'S END Autumn Fundrive

Jeff Pearce 10.23.05

Jeff Pearce
performs live at the STAR'S END Donor Concert held at WXPN studios

Orbital Decay 10.30.05

Orbital Decay
perform a live in-studio "Back In Time" radio concert on the annual extended broadcast of STAR'S END

Ashley/Story 11.20.05

perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Snowflake 12.25.05

STAR'S END presents Regional Winter Holiday themed show

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