Significant Releases of 2003 (non-ranking order)
    Rudy Adrian : Concerts In The USA (groove)
    John Luther Adams : In The White Silence (new world)
    AES Dana : Aftermath (ultimae)
    Alio Die/M Grassow : Expanding Horizon (release)
    Amongst Myselves : Sacred Black (rmc)
    Anomalous Disturbances : The Spirit Molecule
    Anomalous Disturbances : HovR
    Arc : Blaze (DiN)
    Ashera : Envird

    Kevin Bartlett : Near Life Experience (aural gratification)
    Benge : Meme Themes (expanding)
    Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter : Live At Jodrell Bank Planetarium
    Richard Bone : Indium (electroshock)
    Richard Bone : Alternate Realities (spiralight)
    Ron Boots : Dreamscape (groove)
    Thom Brennan : Vibrant Water
    Thom Brennan : The Secret Faith Of Salamanders
    Thom Brennan : Shimmer
    John Broaddus : Four At Eighteen (parnassus nump)
    Harold Budd : La Bella Vista (shout factory)
    Michael Byron : Awakening At The Inn Of The Birds (cold blue)

    Carbon Based Lifeforms : Hydroponic Garden (ultimae)
    Peter Challoner : Music For Cloud Watching
    Peter Challoner : Music In Ambient Motion
    Jim Cole : The Way Beyond (spectral spiral)

    Dbkaos : Art of Sacrifice (DiN)
    Diatonis : Ambient Life
    Douchet + Miraz : Resonance (only new age)
    John Duval : Hell's Canyon (binary/hypnos)

    Embracing The Glass : Mandala For Chaos (burning shirt)
    Gert Emmens : Wanderer Of Time (groove)

    Brian Eno : Bell Studies For The Clock Of The Long Now (opal)
    Brian Eno : Compact Forest Proposal (opal)
    Brian Eno : Kite Stories (opal)
    Roger Eno : 18 Keyboard Studies... (opal)
    Dieter Ettlinger : Ambient Intelligence
    Exuviae : Settling Density (atmoworks)

    Fanger + Schonwalder : Analog Overdose 2 (manikin)
    Fanger + Schonwalder : Analog Overdose 3 (manikin)
    John Foxx/Harld Budd : Translucence (edsel)
    Foy : Mandala (atmoworks)

    Lisa Gerard : Whale Rider (4ad)
    Jeff Greinke : Weather from Another Planet (fwd)
    Growing : The Sky's Run Into The Sea

    Dennis Haley : Seven Seconds After
    Hemisphere : Beast In The Heat (groove)
    Hypnosphere : Within The Whirl (spheric)

    Igneous Flame : Tolmon (chillfactor 10)

    James Johnson : Echoes (atmoworks)
    James Johnson/Vir Unis : Live Transmissions 1 (atmoworks)
    J Johnson/Vir Unis/C Short : Aquaculture

    Keller + Schonwalder : Noir (manikin)
    Paul Kelly : Soundings In Film
    Jeffrey Koepper : Etherea (air space)
    Thomas Koner : Uneriorschtes Gebiet (die staat)
    Thomas Koner : Zyklop (mille plateaux)

    Brannan Lane/Ashera : Sextant
    B Lane/J Sloan/M Borghi : Passing Through
    Larsyntronics : Lost Particles
    Lullatone : Computer Recital (audio dregs)

    Maitreya : Telluric Waves (council of nine)
    Man In Formaldehyde : Copper Sulphate Crystals
    Mandible Chatter : Of Foreign Lands And People (release)
    Ken Martin : Berlin Impressions vol 3
    Elivia Melodey : Journey To Wellness (crystal vibrations)
    The Ministry of Inside Things : Everlasting Moment (synkronos music)
    Meredith Monk : Mercy (ecm)
    Mr Soon : Places In Arizona (psyrecords)
    Mueller/Feldbauer : Autorama

    Pete Namlook/Klaus Schulze : The Dark Side Of The Moog IX (fax)
    P Namlook/Wolfram Spyra : Virtual Vices IV (fax)
    Navigator : Airwaves (groove)
    Loren Nerell : Taksu (soleilmoon)
    Thomas Newman : White Oleander (varese sarabande)

    Patrick O'Hearn : Beautiful World (

    Par Example : But Everything... (quantum)
    Princliple of Silence : Live
    Psychetropic : China Radio Sunshine (microrelease)

    Radio Massacre Int'l : Solid States (northern echo)
    Remanence : Lamkher (mpath)
    Robert Rich : Temple Of The Invisible
    Steve Roach : Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces (timeroom)
    Steve Roach : Life Sequence (timeroom)
    Steve Roach : Texture Maps (timeroom)
    Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana : Spirit Dome (projekt)

    Dom F Scab : About A Tree (groove)
    Dom F Scab : Facta (groove)
    Jonn Serrie : Lumia Nights (neuronium)
    Jonn Serrie : The Stargazers Journey (new world)
    Adham Shaikh : Essence (sonic turtle)
    Christopher Short : The Unnamed Constellation
    Shuttle358 : Understanding Wildlife (mille plateaux)
    Jason Sloan : Still (slobor media)
    Jason Sloan : Winterwomb (slobor media)
    Chas Smith : An Hour Out Of Desert Center (cold blue)
    Steve K Smith : Soundtracks From Installations (skean dhu)
    Solar Fields : Blue Moon Station (ultimae)
    Saul Stokes : Fields (hypnos/binary)
    Tim Story/Roedelius : Lunz (narada)
    Spyra : Invisible Fields (fax)
    Subsonic Experience : Praposition (DiN)
    Syn : Soundwave Traveller (spheric)
    Synthetic Block : Sonic Approach (hypnos/binary)

    Robert Scott Thompson : Sidereal (space for music)
    Tangerine Dream : Mota Atma (tdi)
    True Color of Blood : Absence (afe/eibon)
    The Tunnel Singer : Night Skies

    Under the Dome : Wot No Colin? (neu harmony)

    Eric van der Heijden : Cosmic Flight No 3 (groove)
    Brian Vassallo : Beyond
    Vessel : Dreaming In Pairs (expanding)
    Vidna Obmana : Spore (release)
    Vir Unis : Mercury And Plastic (atmoworks)
    Vir Unis : Book of Mutations (atmoworks)
    Vir Unis/James Johnson : Perimeter II (atmoworks)
    Volt : The Far Canal (groove)

    Erik Wollo : Emotional Landscapes (wanderings)
    Erik Wollo : The Polar Drones (groove)

    Xeroid Entity : Moons of Saturn (electro-music)

    Various Artists : The Complete 10" Series From... (cold blue)
    Various Artists : Liquid Sound vol 2 (manikin)
    Various Artists : The Condition of Muzak (expanding)
    Various Artists : Texture (slobor media)
    Various Artists : 42 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity
    Various Artists : Sub.Terra (foundry)
    Various Artists : Hampshire Jam Preserved
    Various Artists : Harmony with Ambience (wind farm)
    Various Artists : RU.Electronic Two (love)
    Various Artists : Four A.D. (waveform)
    Various Artists : Liquid Sound vol 2 (manikin)
    Various Artists : ECHOES LRC 9 (echodisc)

2003 in Review Broadcasts:

28 December 2003 Playlist - Part One
4 January 2004 Playlist - Part Two
11 January 2004 Playlist - Part Three

Highlights From STAR'S END : 2003

MoIT 01.26.03

The Ministry of Inside Things
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

James Johnson Kelly David 02.09.03

James Johnson and Kelly David
phone in to STAR'S END and help out with the Winter/Spring Fundrive

James Johnson + Vir Unis 04.13.03

James Johnson and Vir Unis
perform first-ever five-hour (entire show) live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Star's 07.20.03

STAR'S END presents an entire broadcast featuring music produced and recorded live on the air:

Jason Sloan 08.17.03

Jason Sloan performs a one hour live radio concert for STAR'S END. Months later, Sloan releases an excerpt of the concert on his album Winterwomb.

Under the Dome 09.14.03

Under the Dome performs two one hour live radio concerts for STAR'S END. Months later, UtD releases the concerts on a limited edition CD-R.

Michael Stearns 09.21.03

Michael Stearns
phones in to STAR'S END and help out with the Autumn Fundrive

Orbital Decay 11.16.03

Orbital Decay
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

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