Significant Releases of 2002 (non-ranking order)
    John Luther Adams : The Light That Fills The World (cold blue)
    Rudy Adrian : Starfields - Sequencer Sketches vol 3 (groove)
    Ashera : We Gaia
    Ashra : @shra vol 2 (mg art)
    Ian Boddy : Aurora (DiN)
    Richard Bone : Disorient (quirkworks)
    Thom Brennan : Satori (zero)
    The Circular Ruins : Realm of Possibility (databloem)
    The Circular Ruins : Confluence (in the bubble)
    Matt Coldrick : Music For A Busy Head (absolute ambient)
    Jim Cole : Godspace (spectral spiral)
    Max Corbacho : The Resonant Memory Of Earth (space for music)
    Donnacha Costello : Together Is The New Alone (Mille Plateaux)
    Rick Cox : Maria Falling Away (cold blue)
    Darshan Ambient : Selected Works vol 3
    Darshan Ambient : Providence (zero)
    Kelly David : Broken Voyage (rocky mountain)
    Michael Jon Fink : I Hear It In The Rain (cold blue)
    Free System Projekt : Atmospheric Conditions (quantum)
    Jeff Greinke : Wide View (hypnos)
    M Griffin/D Fulton : Imprint (hypnos)
    Richard Garrett : Robot Sculpture (sunday dance)
    Tom Heasley : On The Sensations Of Tone (innova)
    Heil/Klimek : One Hour Photo (superb)
    Hemisphere : Attachment X (groove)
    Interstitial : Temporal Arc (red antennae)
    Ishq : Orchid (interchill)
    James Johnson : Minimum (zero)
    James Johnson : The Butterfly Chamber (hypnos)
    Thomas Koner : Daikan (mille plateaux)
    Brannan Lane : Hypnotic Drift
    Brannan Lane : To Earth And Back
    Loess : Loess (nonresponsive)
    Loscil : Submers (kranky)
    Alexi Lubimov : Der Bote (ecm)
    John Lyeil/Brent A. Reiland : Synthetic Universe (solar wind)
    Ma Ja Le/James Johnson : Seed (hypnos)
    Ingram Marshall : Dark Waters (new albion)
    Cliff Martinez : Solaris ost (superb)
    Stephan Micus : Towards The Wind (ecm)
    Moodswings : Horizontal (water music)
    Navigator : Oceanic Empire (groove)
    Numina : Solace
    Oophoi : Athlit (hypnos)
    Craig Padilla : Vostok (spotted peccary)
    Craig Padilla : Folding Space and Melting Galaxies (space for music)
    Craig Padilla/Skip Murphy : Temporal Suspension (space for music)
    Pan American : The River Made No Sound (kranky)
    David Parsons : Maitreya (celestial harmonies)
    Jeff Pearce : Bleed (hypnos)
    Scott Petito : Sbass Music (hudson valley)
    Piano Magic : Son De Mar (4ad)
    Richard Pinhas : Event And Repetitions (cuneiform)
    Martin/Klampt/Rownd : Convergence (spotted peccary)
    Radio Massacre International : Planets In The Wires (northern echo)
    Radio Massacre International : Maelstrom (northern echo)
    Redshift : Halo (distant sun)
    Redshift : Siren (distant sun)
    Robert Rich/Ian Boddy : Outpost (DiN)
    Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana : InnerZone (projekt)
    Roedelius : Self Portrait VIII (horizon)
    Skin To Skin : Temenos (waveform)
    Sonogram : Arrival Lounge (simulacra)
    Spacecraft : Inside The Inside (space for music)
    Spyra : Elevator To Heaven (manikin)
    Terra Ambient : The Darker Space (space for music)
    Antonio Testa/Alio Die : Prayer For The Forest (green house)
    Ti Cal : Coriolis (council of nine)
    Tone Ghost Ether : Condor Sail Curve
    Tone Ghost Ether : Hydrogen 2 Oxygen
    Tone Ghost Ether : The White Space
    Vidna Obmana : An Opera For Four Fusion works (hypnos)
    Vir Unis/Chris Short : The Yellow House (atmoworks)
    Vir Unis/Saul Stokes : Thermal Transfer (hypnos/binary)
    Wackernagel/Mueller/Feldbauer : City
    Wave World : Cloudseeder (virtual factory)
    Keith Fullerton Whitman : Playthroughs (kranky)
    Zero Ohms/Brannan Lane : Soundfall To The Infinite (space for music)
    Various Artists : Flotation (interchill)
    Various Artists : The Gatherings (synkronos)
    Various Artists : Collection 1 Opening (databloem)
    Various Artists : Portraits (in the bubble)

2002 in Review Broadcasts:

29 December 2002 Playlist - Part One
5 January 2003 Playlist - Part Two

Highlights From STAR'S END : 2002

MoIT 01.13.02

The Ministry of Inside Things
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Kit Watkins Robert Rich 02.10.02

Kit Watkins and Robert Rich
phone in to STAR'S END and help out with the Winter/Spring Fundrive

Yahoo Groups logo 03.10.02

STAR'S END initiates email list at Yahoo Groups. Listeners are invited to join and receive informative weekly newsletters about STAR'S END:

Somnium 03.24.02

STAR'S END presents an entire broadcast featuring music from Somnium, the virtual sleep concert DVD by Robert Rich

Erik Wollo 04.28.02

Erik Wollo
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Vidna Obmana + Steve Roach 05.26.02

STAR'S END features unreleased recording by Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana produced in Philadelphia on 25 May 2002 while in preparation for their ProjektFest performance

stars 06.16.02

STAR'S END presents an entire broadcast featuring music produced and recorded live on the air:

The Gatherings 06.23.02

To mark its Ten Year Anniversary, STAR'S END presents an entire broadcast featuring music from The Gatherings Concert Series

Chuck van Zyl Summertime

WXPN rennovates FM studio

Orbital Decay 08.18.02

Orbital Decay
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Rudy Adrian 09.22.02

Rudy Adrian
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Jeff Pearce 10.13.02

Jeff Pearce
phones in to STAR'S END and helps out with the Autumn Fundrive

Pearce Griffin Fulton 10.20.02

Jeff Pearce - Mike Grffin - Dave Fulton
perform a three hour live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Radio Massacre Int'l 11.17.02

Radio Massacre Int'l
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Music For Airports 12.15.02

STAR'S END presents an entire broadcast featuring music based on the (October 2002) NEW AGE VOICE magazine article "The 25 Most Influential Ambient Albums". Hosted by article co-author and ECHOES producer Jeff Towne

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