Significant Releases of 2008 (non-ranking order)
30th Anniversary
    Rudy Adrian : Desert Realms (lotuspike)
    Johan Agebjorn : Mossebo (lotuspike)
    Alio Die/Martina Galvagni : Eleusian Lullaby (projekt)
    Another Electronic Musician : Use (n5md)
    Ashley | Roedelius | Story : Errata (nepenthe)
    Atomine Elektrine : Nebulous (essence)
    Austere : Solyaris (hypnos)

    Michel Banabila : Precious Images (steamin soundworks)
    Richard Barbieri : Things Buried (snapper)
    Evan Bartholomew : Secret Entries into Darkness (somnia)
    Kevin Bartlett : Glow in the Dark (aural gratiication)
    Benge : Twenty Systems (expanding)
    Biomusique : The 10,000 Steps (kosmic)
    Christopher Bissonnette : In Between Words (kranky)
    Ian Boddy : The Final Question (DiN/DDL)
    Ian Boddy : The Mechanics of a Thought (DiN/DDL)
    Ian Boddy : Three Dreams (DiN/DDL)
    Ian Boddy : Slide (DiN)
    Richard Bone : Sudden Departure (quirkworks)
    Ron Boots : See Beyond Times Look Beyond Words (groove)
    Harold Budd & Clive Wright : A Song For Lost Blossoms (darla)

    The California Guitar Trio : Echoes (inner knot)
    Carbon Based Lifeforms : World of Sleepers (ultimae)
    CarterTutti : Feral Vapors of the Silver Ether (cti)
    Peter Challoner : Interpolations
    Colourform : Visions of Surya (virtual world)
    Copal River : Copal River (blue water)
    Coyote Oldman : Under An Ancient Sun

    Darshan Ambient : From Pale Hands to Weary Skies (lotuspike)
    Dean De Benedictis : A Cambient Variations (fateless)
    Georges Delerue : Le Mepris
    Description Without Place : Filaments (dataobscura)

    Eluvium : Copia (temporary residence)
    Gert Emmens : The Nearest Faraway Place vol 1 (groove)
    Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij : Silent Witnesses of Industrial Landscapes (n/a)
    Emanuel Errante : Humus (somnia)

    Joep Franssens : Works for Orchestra and Choir (etcetera)
    Free System Projekt : Narrow Lane

    Gel-Sol : Iz (upstairs)
    The Glimmer Room : Home Without the Journey
    Manuel Goettsching : Live at Mt. Fuji (mg art)

    Hammock :Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow (darla)
    Vic Hennegan : Aqua Vista (alien tribes)
    Cosmic Hoffmann : Outerspace Gems (manikin)
    Scott Hull : Requiem (relapse)

    Immersion Theory : The Icarus Foray (n/a)
    Indigo Egg : Ixland (celestial dragon)
    Ishq : Timelapse in Mercury (virtual world)

    Steve Jansen : Slope (samadhisound)
    Johann Johannsson : Fordlandia (4ad)

    Detlef Keller : Harmonic Steps (manikin)
    Daniel Kobialka : Pathless Journey (li-sem)
    Jeffrey Koepper : Sequentaria (air space)
    Kwook : Skywave (blue oasis)

    John Lakveet : The Last Nine Convoys From Magoria Station (ad21)
    K Leimer : Lesser Epitomes (pol)

    M83 : Digital Shades 1 (gooom)
    Mahoney + Peck : Starfest 2007
    Evan Marc & Steve Hillage : Dreamtime Submersible (somnia)
    Marconi Union : A Lost Connection (m u)
    Millieu : Beyond the Sea Lies the Stars (infraction)
    The Ministry of Inside Things : Ambient Elsewehere (synkronos)
    Moby : Last Night (mute)
    Motionfield : Optical Flow (somnia)

    Pete Namlook/Wolfram Spyra : Virtual Vices VI (fax)
    Nemeth : Film (thrill jockey)
    Nine Inch Nails : Ghosts I-IV
    Numina : Shift to the Ghost (hypnos)
    Numina/Stephen Philips : Descent of the Falcon (dark duck)
    Nunc Stans : Timeless (blue oasis)

    Oblong : INdicator (expanding)
    Ombient : Suspended in a Tangled Skein (n/a)

    Craig Padilla : Below The Mountain (spotted peccary)
    Craig Padilla/Skip Murphy : Analog Destination (groove)
    Parks : Umber (infraction)
    David Parsons : Surya (celestial harmonies)
    Jeff Pearce : Rainshadow Sky (jpm)
    Purple Dawn : Purple Dawn

    Radio Massacre Int'l : Philadelphia Air Shot (northern echo)
    Radio Massacre Int'l : Antisocal (northern echo)
    Rapoon : Time Frost (glacial movements)
    Robert Rich & Ian Boddy : React (DiN)
    Robert Rich & Faryus : Zerkalo (facia records)
    Steve Roach : Arc of Passion (projekt)
    Steve Roach : Empetus (projekt)
    Steve Roach : Landmass (timeroom)
    Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story : Inlandish (groenland)

    Bruno Sanfilippo/Mathias Grassow : Ambessence Piano & Drones (ad21)
    Klaus Schulze/Lisa Gerrard : Farscape (spv)
    Erik Seifert : Astronomical Unit (spheric music)
    Sans Serif : Tones for LaMonte (hypnos)
    Jason Sloan : Ending Light (slobor)
    Sonoprint : Ambient Space
    Spyra : Gasoline 91 Octane (manikin)
    Spyra High Phidelity (ricochet dream)
    Stars of the Lid : Carte De Vistte
    Ben Fleury-Steiner : Drifts (hypnos secret sounds)
    Saul Stokes : Villa Galaxia (binary)
    Syndromeda : Mythical Mystery (horizon)

    Takagi Masakatsu : Pia (expanding)
    Telomere : The Stellar Sea (evenfall)
    Robert Scott Thompson : Frozen Light (aucourant)
    Robert Scott Thompson : Poesis Athesis (lens)
    Travis & Fripp : Thread (discipline global mobile)
    True Colour of Blood : All the True Things I Am About to Tell You Are Lies

    Under the Radar : I Was There I Traveled But I Can't Remember When

    The Winterhouse : Lost (dataobscura)
    David Wright : Dreams and Distant Moonlight (ad music)

    x1 Project : The Asymmetrical Collection

    Heath Yonaites : Rim of the Sun (triumvirate)

    Various Artists : Echoes of Polyhymnia (hypnos)
    Various Artists : Perceived Distances (blue oasis)
    Various Artists : Message From a Subatomic World (hypnos)
    Various Artists : Pop Ambient 2008 (kompakt)
    Various Artists : 3D Concerpts (toytronic)
    Various Artists : Sounds of a Universe Overheard (hypnos)

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Highlights From STAR'S END : 2008

Concerts 01.13.08

STAR'S END presents excerpts from year 2007 on-air in-studio concerts

Jeffrey Koepper 01.27.08

Jeffrey Koepper
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Tangent Project 02.24.08

The Tangent Project
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Gatherings Concert Series 04.13.08

STAR'S END previews artists from The Gatherings Concert Series 2008 Season

STAR'S END 05.18.08

STAR'S END Spring Fundrive Broadcast

Markus Reuter 08.10.08

Markus Reuter
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

M PeckMark Mahoney 09.21.08

Mahoney + Peck
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

MoIT 10.05.08

The Ministry of Inside Things
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Vic + Dean 10.19.08

Vic Hennegan + Dean De Benedictis
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Scott WatkinsTerry Furber 11.02.08

Orbital Decay
perform a live in-studio "Back In Time" radio concert on the annual extended broadcast of STAR'S END

MySpace Autumn

STAR'S END Listener Chuck Nixon
begins oversight of the STAR'S END MySpace WebPage! Thanks Chuck!

Dwight Ashley 11.16.08

Dwight Ashley
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Live CDs 11.23.08

STAR'S END broadcasts excerpts from CD releases recorded live on-air and in-studio

Snowflake Chuck van Zyl 12.28.08

STAR'S END presents Regional Winter Holiday themed show - including live in-studio concert by show host Chuck van Zyl

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