Significant Releases of 2006 (non-ranking order)
30th Anniversary
    Rudy Adrian : MoonWater (lotuspike)
    AirSculpture : TranceAtlantic (neu harmony)
    Dwight Ashley : Ataxia (nepenthe)
    Sara Ayers/Jeff Sampson : Thrice Thy Heart Shall Be Broken (atmoworks)

    M Bentley : This World (foundry)
    Ron Berry : Temples
    Between Interval : Autumn Continent (wanderings)
    Biosphere : Dropsonde (touch)
    Christopher Bissonnette : Periphery (kranky)
    Ian Boddy : Elemental (DiN)
    Richard Bone : Vesperia (quirkworks)
    Ron Boots : Acoustic Shadows (groove)
    BT : This Binary Universe

    The Circular Ruins : Their Subtle Purpose (databloem)
    Francois Coutuier : Nostalghia - Song for Tarkovsky (ecm)
    Cymphonic : Phonema Sacrata (databloem)

    Kelly David : Angkor (rocky mountain)
    Robert Davies : Garden of Twilight (databloem)
    Robert Davies : Sub Rosa (dataobscura)
    Andrey Dergatchen : The Return (ecm)

    Paul Ellis : The Infinity Room (groove)
    Eluvium : When I Live by the Garden and the Sea
    Elve : Infinite Garden (virtual world)

    Forrest Fang & Carl Weingarten : Invisibility (foundry)
    Thomas Fanger : Parlez-Vous Electronique? (manikin)
    Fanger + Schonwalder : Analog Overdose 0.9 (manikin)
    John Foxx : Tiny Colour Movies (metamatic)
    Free System Projekt : Moyland (quantum)

    Chihei Hatakeyama : Minima Moralia (kranky)
    Chad Hoefler : Quiet Glow (lotuspike)
    Bob Holroyd : Hollow Man (soundscape)

    Johann Johannsson : IBM 1401 User's Manual (4ad)
    Rena Jones : Driftwood (native state)

    Kevin Keller : Santiago's Dream
    Kevin Kendle : Lagoon of Eternity (eventide)
    Klangwelt : XOIO (spheric)
    Frank Klare : Moods (groove)
    Jeffrey Koepper : Momentium (air space)
    Steve Kornicki : Transfigurations
    Gregg Kowalsky : Through the Cardinal Window (kranky)

    K Leimer : The Listening Room (palace of lights)
    K Leimer : Statistical Truth (palace of lights)
    Loscil : Plume (kranky)
    Tor Lundvall : Empty City (strange fortune)
    Tor Lundval : Yule (strange fortune)

    Mark Mahoney/Michael Peck : Imprint
    Milieu : Aurora Borealis (u-cover)
    The Ministry of Inside Things : Contact Point (synkronos)
    Move D/Pete Namlook : Let the Circle Be Unbroken (fax)
    Murcof : Remembranza (the leaf label)

    Pete Namlook/Wolfram Spyra : Virtual Vices V (fax)
    Jan Nemecek : Through the Planetary Void (blue water)

    Ontayso : The Long River Run 2 (u-cover)
    William Orbit : Hello Waveforms (sanctuary)

    Craig Padilla/Skip Murphy : Phantasma (groove)
    Patchwork : Patchwork (strange charm)
    Dan Pound : Liquid Planet

    Radio Massacre Int'l : Septentrional (DiN)
    Redshift : RW2
    Redshift : Toll
    Steve Reich : Phases (nonesuch)
    Markus Reuter : Trepanation (lotuspike)
    Robert Rich : Electric Ladder
    Steve Roach : Kairos (timeroom)
    Steve Roach : New Life Dreaming
    Steve Roach : Proof Positive (timeroom)
    Steve Roach : Storm Surge (nearfest)
    Steve Roach/Loren Nerell : Terraform (soleilmoon)
    Janet Robbins : Carrying the Bag of Hearts vol 2 (star seven)

    Micheal Sandler : Leaf Shadows (blue water)
    Secede : Tryshasla (sending orbs)
    Jason Sloan : Hymns for the Afterlife
    Chas Smith : Descent (cold blue)
    Sonmi451 : Vladivostock (u-cover)
    Sound Commandos : Sound Commandos (blue water)
    Saul Stokes : Vast (foundry)
    Surface 10 : Surface Tensions (DiN)
    Synthetic Block : Escape Velocity (gears of sand)
    Synthetic Block : Means of Ascent (gears of sand)

    David Wright : The Tenth Planet (ad)

    Various Artists : Ashes and Snow (inaudible)
    Various Artists : Chasing the Dawn
    Various Artists : Cryosphere (glacial movements)
    Various Artists : The Gatherings vol 2
    Various Artists : Where Have You Been? What Have You Done? and Why? (u-cover)
    Various Artists : Oxycanta (ultimae)

2006 in Review Broadcasts:

31 December 2006 Playlist - Part One
7 January 2007 Playlist - Part Two

Highlights From STAR'S END : 2006

STAR'S END 01.01.06

reaches its 30th anniversary of continuous broadcast on WXPN

Saul Stokes 03.26.06

Saul Stokes
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Mahoney + Peck 06.04.06

Mahoney + Peck
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

MoIT 07.02.06

The Ministry of Inside Things
perform a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Jason Sloan 08.06.06

Jason Sloan
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Vinyl 08.13.06

STAR'S END presents All Vinyl Broadcast

Redshift 09.17.06

STAR'S END presents music from the current day Berlin-School

Ian Boddy 10.01.06

Ian Boddy
performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Fundraiser 10.08.06

Former STAR'S END hosts John Diliberto, Gino Wong and Floyd Miller
come on the air to help out with the STAR'S END Autumn Fundrive

Orbital Decay 10.29.06

Orbital Decay
perform a live in-studio "Back In Time" radio concert on the annual extended broadcast of STAR'S END

AirSculpture 11.19.06

performs a live in-studio radio concert on STAR'S END

Snowflake 12.24.06

STAR'S END presents Regional Winter Holiday themed show

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